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"Centella asiatica is most well-known for its wound healing abilities.
In fact, legend has it that centella asiatica got its nickname of “tiger grass” from tigers that would roll around in the plant after battle in an effort to soothe their wounds."

COTISOL First-Aid Green Heals® is 100% ALL NATURAL
Cotisol® skin care clinically demonstrated to soothe, treat, and heal a wide variety of wounds and skin conditions. Hydroctyle Asiatica, the primary active ingredient is extracted from the Centella Asiatica plant. The formulation contains seven other plant-based ingredients and all simultaneously and independently play wound-healing roles. The homeopathic preparation of the Hydrocotyle Tincture promotes:

-healing of minor wounds & cuts
- sunburns/Artificial burns
-and skin irritations

Centella Asiatica and its extract Hyrocotyle Asiatica, which contains the active ingredients asiaticoside and madecasside, have clinical effectiveness and have been used and applied to: 
  • -Eczema
  • -Psoriasis
  • -Promoting skin health
  • -Improving circulation in general
  • -Burns

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Cotisol (1oz.) spray bottle
Cotisol First-Aid Spray (1oz.)
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Cotisol First-Aid Spray (1oz.)
CotisolĀ®(hydrocotyle tincture) skincare clinically demonstrated to soothe, treat, and heal a wide variety of wounds and skin conditions.

Cotisol®  First-Aid skin care "Green Heals® "

Cotisol® has the unique advantage of simultaneously acting as an antiseptic and a cicatrizant; moreover, it affects all four phases of healing. This drug constitutes a new and advantageous approach in the treatment of wounds.


Cotisol® First-Aid Skin Care, 100% All Natural First-Aid clinically proven to promote healing of minor wounds and skin irritations. Homeopathic tincture that you can use topically on your skin to not only "Soothe & Treat"  but will also promote the healing process for minor wounds, burn & sunburns, insect bites and many other skin conditions. 

 The Topical First-Aid spray is FDA regulated, it is clinically proven to treat and heal minor wounds and skin conditions which makes the ideal product for: post-cosmetic procedures(Laser tattoo/hair removal), burns(artificial and sunburn), surgical incisions, cuts and scrapes. Cotisol provides and regulates cellular building blocks, in essence, customer does not need to have an array of products in his/her medicine cabinet of first-aid kit; All you need is Cotisol.

Cotisol® is registered trademark of Centella LLC 2018


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